“Best Paper Award at MEMSYS 2016”

D. Zivanovic, M. Radulovic, G. Llort, D. Zaragoza, J. Strassburg, P. Carpenter, P. Radojkovic, E. Ayguadé Parra:
Large-Memory Nodes for Energy Efficient High-Performance Computing [ OpenAIRE ] [ UPCommons ]

D. Pleiter:
JSCs Horizon 2020 [ OpenAIRE ] [ JuSER ]

“Best Paper Award at PACT 2016”

A. Drebes, A. Pop, K. Heydemann, A. Cohen, N. Drach:
Scalable Task Parallelism for NUMA – A Uniform Abstraction for Coordinated Scheduling and Memory Management [ OpenAIRE ] [ HAL-Inria ]

A. Drebes, J.-B. Bréjon, A. Pop, K. Heydemann, A. Cohen:
Language-Centric Performance Analysis of OpenMP Programs with Aftermath [ OpenAIRE ] [ HAL-UPMC ]

A. Drebes, A. Pop, K. Heydemann, A. Cohen:
Interactive visualization of cross-layer performance anomalies in dynamic task-parallel applications and systems [ OpenAIRE ] [ HAL-Inria ]

D. Zivanovic, M. Pavlovic, M. Radulovic, H. Shin, J. Son, S. McKee, P. Carpenter, P. Radojkovic, E. Ayguade:
Main memory in HPC: do we need more, or could we live with less? [ OpenAIRE ] [ UPCommons ]

D. Zivanovic, M. Radulovic, G. Llort, D. Zaragoza, J. Strassburg, P.  Carpenter, P. Radojkovic, E. Ayguadé Parra:
Performance Impact of a Slower Main Memory – A case study of STT-MRAM in HPC [ OpenAIRE ] [ UPCommons ]

Panagiota Fatourou, Nikolaos D. Kallimanis:
Lock Oscillation: Boosting the Performance of Concurrent Data Structures.
Presentation (PDF)

K. Asifuzzaman, R. Sánchez Verdejo, P. Radojkovic:
Enabling a Reliable STT-MRAM Main Memory Simulation [ OpenAIRE ] [ UPCommons ]

A. Rigo, C. Pinto, K. Pouget, D. Raho, D. Dutoit, P.-Y. Martinez, C. Doran, L. Benini, I. Mavroidis, M. Marazakis, V. Bartsch, G. Lonsdale, A. Pop, J. Goodacre, A. Colliot, P. Carpenter, P. Radojkovic, D. Pleiter, D. Drouin, B. Dupont de Dinechin:
Paving the way towards a highly energy-efficient and highly integrated compute node for the Exascale revolution: the ExaNoDe approach [ OpenAIRE ] [ UPCommons ]
In Proceedings of the Euromicro Symposium on Digital System Design (EUROMICRO DSD), Vienna, Austria, August 2017.

Przemyslaw Mroszczyk, Vasilis F. Pavlidis:
Ultra-Low Swing CMOS Transceiver for 2.5-D Integrated Systems

Przemyslaw Mroszczyk, Vasilis F. Pavlidis:
Mismatch Compensation Technique for Inverter-Based CMOS Circuits

Manolis Katevenis:
Cluster Communication Latency: towards approaching its Minimum Hardware Limits, on Low-Power Platforms
Invited Talk at the Stamatis Vassiliadis 2017 Symposium, held in conjunction with the ΙΕΕΕ SAMOS XVII Conference, Samos Island, Greece, 19 July 2017. [ PDF Document ]

Public deliverables

  • D1.4: Data Management Plan for pilot on Open Research Data (PDF)
  • D2.1: Report on the ExaNoDe miniapplications (PDF)
  • D2.2: Report on the ExaNoDe architecture design guidelines (PDF)
  • D2.4: ExaNoDe Infrastructure Requirements (PDF)
  • D2.5: Report on the performance bottlenecks of the state-of-the-art HPC platforms (PDF)
  • D3.1: Runtime systems (OmpSs, OpenStream) and communication libraries (GPI, MPI): Analysis of the hardware system characteristics and design of a preliminary software implementation. (PDF)
  • D3.6: Design of the ExaNoDe Firmware [report and initial prototype] (PDF)
  • D6.1: Project External Website, project flyer and social media presence (PDF)
  • D6.2: Dissemination Strategy Document (PDF)
  • D6.3: Initial Project Press Release (PDF)