ExaNoDe is collaborating with the two European projects ECOSCALE and ExaNeSt

The aim of ECOSCALE (http://www.ecoscale.eu/) is to provide a hybrid MPI+OpenCL programming environment, a hierarchical architecture, runtime system and middleware and a shared distributed reconfigurable hardware based acceleration. ExaNeSt (http://www.exanest.eu/) is developing and prototyping solutions for interconnection networks, storage and cooling which will be necessary for future exascale supercomputers. The newly developed solutions are then benchmarked with tuned real HPC applications.

On March, 17, 2017 a “Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)” between the FET-HPC projects ExaNoDe, ExaNeSt and ECOSCALE was signed by the three project coordinators. The purpose of this MoU is to strengthen the links between the projects and to exploit common activities and synergies in a consistent cross-project schedule to create an eco-system where: ExaNeSt provides remote access to multi-board prototypes based on ARM systems and a hardware testbed for the integration of ExaNoDe’s compute-node daughter boards. ExaNoDe provides compute node related technologies, in particular advanced packaging solutions and an implementation of the MPI runtime systems over UNIMEM, a memory model developed in the EUROSERVER FP7 project (http://www.euroserver-project.eu/).  ECOSCALE provides the UNILOGIC architecture and the tool chain for FPGA support. The UNILOGIC (Unified Logic) architecture is an extension of UNIMEM providing shared partitioned reconfigurable services.