On Tuesday 23rd January, the partners of the ExaNoDe, ExaNeSt, ECOSCALE and EuroEXA projects gathered at the HiPEAC conference in Manchester, UK, for the joint Exascale workshop.
The day started with a well-attended keynote by John Goodacre, Professor of Computer Architectures at the University of Manchester and Director of Technology and Systems at ARM Ltd. Then the ExaNoDe, ExaNeSt and ECOSCALE partners presented their technological advances in 11 high-quality presentations. The talks were spread over 3 sessions:

  • Memory, Communication, and Accelerator Virtualization
  • Technology and Architecture
  • Programming Environment, Applications and Evaluation.

The workshop concluded with a presentation of the vision and objectives of the EuroEXA project, which started in September 2017.

Update: ExaNoDe presentations are online